Unstopable Domains Workshop

    10:30am - 11:30am   //   Braden Pezeshki, CTO @ Unstoppable Domains

We will be using a github repo that’s open source with our profile template example. This will also be a way for you to participate: you can simply commit you free open source templates to our repo and then anyone can go to github and download a template they want to use for free. Here is an Overview

  DNSummit Bounty:
   We are allocating up to $500 in bounties for participants that submit templates to our repo!
    - Up to 5 winners
    - $75 to $150 per bounty winner ($500 total)
    - Our Github Repo
    - Video Demo of our web builder (where users can download and use the template)
    - All workshop attendees will receive a free .crypto blockchain domain.

    Join us for a presentation directly before!

User Centric Storage on IPFS

    11:30am - 12:30pm   //   Rachel Black - Dev Rel Lead @ 3Box

3Box stores data with users rather than app. This approach frees up developers from managing user data. Which means more time to focus on their apps value proposition. IPFS is used for storage, but the infrastructure’s complexity is abstracted away. This workshop is suitable for those without IPFS experience. We wont work with IPFS directly. Some JavaScript and React knowledge is recommend.
Join us to to build a note taking application powered by user controlled data. Build better with 3Box.
Bring A laptop with Node and NPM installed to participate.

    Join us for a presentation directly before!

Think-tank: Brainstorm Solutions Around Hard Issues Using dWeb / IPFS.

    1:30pm - 12:30pm   //   Matt Ober, CTO @ Pinata

Getting an outside opinion can be so helpful when thinking through tough problems and it’s not often that so many IPFS veterans are in the same room together. In this open “Think Tank” style session, everybody is invited to share problems and we’ll all work together to brainstorm solutions.

Writing Smart Contracts for a Sharded Blockchain

    2:30pm - 3:30pm   //   Kendall Cole, Core Team @ NEAR

Learn how to write, deploy and interact with Rust, TypeScript, and Solidity smart contracts on NEAR: a sharded, Proof-of-Stake public blockchain with a WebAssembly-based runtime.

NEAR also supports EVM smart contracts (Solidity, Vyper), and the use of Ethereum assets via a trustless, bidirectional NEAR to Ethereum bridge.

    Join us for a presentation directly before!

Getting Started with Textile

    3:30pm - 4:30pm   //   Carson Farmer, Research & Andrew Hill, CEO @ Textile

Want an easier way to launch and update your website or app assets on IPFS? Want to create verifiable data feeds that others can follow? Want better ways to pass data between peers on the decentralized web? As a follow on to their talk on Dynamic Data on IPFS, Carson and the gang will get interested developers started with Textile by building a simple data-sharing app (encrypted, scalable, and running on IPFS). The workshop will put to practice the ideas and concepts introduced in Textile’s preceding talk. Bring A laptop (with Node and NPM installed) to play along or come by and watch the demo, all are welcome!

    Join us for a presentation directly before!

Adjourn to Blockchain and Beers with ChainSafe

    6:00pm - 10:00pm   //   The Whole Gang!